Birthday Girl

Olivia turned 5 years old last week.  We celebrated... a lot!  On Tuesday, the day before her birthday, we went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate with them before they left for Florida.  On Wednesday she celebrated at dance class and got her present from Mommy...

A big girl bike!!

Because five is HUGE!

She likes it a lot, but she is very nervous about being so high off the ground.  This year is the year that Cameron and Olivia both learn to ride without training wheels.

This weekend we celebrated again with a laser tag party.  She requested it.  I felt badly that I could not invite all her school friends, but I think she still had fun.  Chris and his girls were there, big brother and his friend were there, and Mommy, although she couldn't have cared less about that :/.  This was my first time ever playing laser tag and I had a ton of fun.  We all did.  Plus, I won!

She's a big girl now.  Time is going by way too fast!

I love you baby girl.

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