Olivia Plays Tee Ball!

This year is her first year playing, but having watched Cam play for the past two years, she really knows what she is doing.

Olivia's team is called Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller and Durkin.  Yes, that is the name of her team.  A friend of mine suggested we shorten the name to "The Firm".  It's Tee ball.  Everyone hits, no one gets out, and everyone wins.  Not much to report on that!

He's Come a Long Way

Cameron has improved by leaps and bounds since playing last year.

His team this year is coached by the same coach Olivia has, which makes it very interesting when they both have games at the same time.  His team is called "FixmycomputerNH.com".  At least I don't have to look very far when I need a computer repair.  "Hey, Cam, come here so I can read your shirt!"  Cameron still loves baseball.  He remembers everything he learned last year and is learning new skills every day.  Some of his teammates have never played baseball before.  Cameron is usually the only player not fighting over the ball.  He stays in his position and waits for the ball to come near him.  It will be interesting to watch all the players progress throughout the season.

Mommy is an LNA

Well, almost anyway.

Tonight, after seven weeks of classes, three nights a week for five hours a night, I will be taking my State exam.  It is the last step before applying for my LNA license.  I hope to have a little more free time to take photos, knit and blog.  But it was a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.  The future is bright.  I have happy healthy kids, and soon I will have a job that will support us all.

I know I have said this before, but maybe this time it is for real.  I am back in the blogosphere!

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