Day 57 - I'm a Red Cross Reject

My blood type is O negative.  I am a universal blood donor.  No matter what your blood type, if you need blood, I can give you mine.  Well, I can try to give you mine.  Today I went to a blood drive at my church to donate blood.  It's on my DayZero list of things to do.  I thought I did everything right.  I ate a big lunch and a cookie, drank some water and off I went, with my camera in tow, of course :)

My prior blood donation experiences have been iffy at best.  The first time I was 18 and barely 110 pounds.  I passed out... a lot.  But they got a pint and I was thrilled.  It was worth it!  My second attempt, I passed out a lot... again.  Couldn't get a pint.  Third and fourth tries, much of the same.  I think I had two successful donations out of 7 total attempts.  Not a very good record.  I do not know why I thought this time would be any different.  I'm an optimist, I guess.

All was going well.  We got the flash and the blood started flowing.  I snapped this photo:

 (Yes, I took this photo.  My husband thinks someone else did, but I swear it was me!  Me, with my focus issues.  I took this with my left hand holding the camera up in the air.  No reenactment.  Got it on the first try.  I was met with some unusual looks, but it wasn't the first time and will not be the last!)

Then the blood stopped flowing.  As I was snapping the photo the technician said, "What is going on?"  The needle was touching a valve.  And, as usual I started to feel dizzy and queasy.  It was all down hill from there and the end result is that I am a Red Cross Reject.  After literally squeezing out a half a pint my platelets began to clot and it was over.  And the worst part?  My blood does not get used.  Goes in hazardous waste.  But, I will try again in March.  I think I will drink more water and ask them to start me flat on my back.  Fingers crossed that I can check this one off my list in March. 

Now, in 2 hours, I am off to my first real, live photography class!  So excited :)


  1. I think I remember the blood drive at the VFW that you passed out at! Good for you for trying again! Last time I donated I ended up with a huge heamtome that lasted two weeks because the girl pulled the needle out then stuck it back in :( I haven't worked up the courage to go again..

  2. I'm so proud of you for continuing to try. Blood donation is such an easy yet important thing we can all do to help others.

  3. Thanks for being so awesome & even planning to go back to try again. I know giving blood is so important but I know I could just never do it. Shudder. So, thanks for doing it for me. :)

  4. Good job! Keep trying and thank-you! - Nicole

  5. The fact that you took this photo is AWESOME!!! It is really a great shot! The fact that you keep trying to donate is AMAZING!!! I am also O Negative... I forget how important it is to donate and you have inspired me to get out there and do it a little more often!!!

  6. Amazing photo! And good for you for your efforts! That is awesome!

  7. This is a great photo. Good for you for keep going back time after time to donate blood. That's awesome!

    Have fun at your photography class and let us know how it goes!

  8. So funny... I never knew there was a weight limit... so when I first rejected in college, I spent the rest of the day crying, feeling so awful about myself. That's something I don't need to worry about after 3 babies though :-) Thank you for donating, again, you are a sweetheart.

  9. Good for you that you keep trying. I'm O negative, too and when I donated it went to babies and children but I haven't donated since I was in my 20's.


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