Day 65 - Then & Now- joy of LOVE~Day 3

Then:  May 24, 2007
Olivia is 8 days old.  Cameron is 2 1/2.  Damien is 27.  I am 32.

Damien graduated from the fire academy.  He actually left the hospital
the day Olivia was born to go take his final exam!
Ha ha, look at all of our chubby cheeks :)

Now: February 3, 2011
Four days before Damien's 31st birthday.  We have come a long way
since then.  As a married couple, as parents and as individuals.  I have always
been proud of him, but I am so proud of the man, father and husband he is today.

 I had a lot of fun with this assignment today.  My husband was such a good sport about having his photo taken.  These are photos we will cherish for years to come, I am sure of it.

Tomorrow I get to photograph a loved one's clothing.  Do you think Damey will dress up in his fire uniform for me?  If you guess correctly I will give you a virtual high five :)


  1. These are so sweet.

  2. Love this!! I am going to get mine to dress up in his Class A's! Then the bunker gear...

  3. What wonderful photos. I love the before/after theme.

  4. Awww I love the photos, I love the story. I really should have down this assignment today. This is just lovely.

  5. Adorable...I love the B&W collage the best, they are just too sweet together!

  6. Love these! I had a similar idea! My photos came from august 2008 and yesterday. It's amazing the difference 2-3 short years make!

  7. they will be treasured and cherished for years,

  8. Oh my goodness sooo fun! Love this collection!

  9. All of these pictures are so fun! I'm glad you husband was a good sport about this, because the collection with your daughter make for some really treasured pictures!

  10. Beautiful story - beautiful family!!


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