What They Look Like - joy of LOVE~Day Two

the joy of LOVE is a free online photography course that I signed up for during the whole month of February.  It is hosted by willette photography.  Today is day two and the theme is "What They Look Like".  I took photos all day long.  I took so many photos that I have to share a lot in this post, plus I still have a photo to post for a separate 365 post.  This project is really inspiring me, and I LOVE it!

This is what Cameron looks like in the morning (left) and
at night (right).  Of special importance in the night photo is 
that he is wearing his new hat I knit for him and snuggling
with his new blanket I made for him today.  My kids LOVE
when I make things for them!

This is what Olivia looks like in the morning (left) playing 
Yatzee Jr., and at night (right) snuggling with her new blanket
that I made for her today.  I also made them each a matching
rice warmer which they LOVE.

This is what they look like going to bed.  They both took their
new "Mama-made" blankets and rice warmers and Cameron
really wanted to wear his hat.  He thinks it will help with his 
morning bed-head.  He cracks me up.  LOVE these kiddos!
So, that is what my kids look like in the morning and at night.  Looking forward to tomorrow's "Then and Now".  Should be interesting with a husband who dislikes having his photo taken.

Not to late to join the fun!  It's just a click away :)


  1. I just joined! Yeah! Thanks so much for the link. :)

  2. Oh how sweet!! I love the morning and night shots. It's so amazing to see the differences that we sometimes miss just going about the day. This is something to treasure! :)


  3. You are so good at capturing real life. I've been wearing my tobogin all day too. It's just plain COLD!

  4. Great pictures. . .and love the hat and blanket too! You do it all!

  5. These are great. I wish I had time to join you in this course. It looks like a good one. Maybe next time :)

  6. I really love these. Your children looks so cuddly.

  7. I love, love, love the last photo! I'm having fun with the project too. :) I'm in trouble though b/c I already did what they WORE on Wed! Well, maybe I deserve the day off today then.


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