Favorite Photo Friday - So Long My Beautiful Friend

Sydney June 2000 - July 2012

We had pets growing up and I remember losing each and every one of them.  I remember being sad, more sad for certain pets, but losing Sydney was devastating.  She got sick about a week ago, and due to dehydration, she just could not recover.  Her kidneys failed and I had to make the horrible decision to have her put to sleep.

I held her in my lap while the vet injected her with an overdose of a sedative.  I think she felt the moment before she was going to die because she picked up her head and looked at me.  I felt such loss at that moment, I don't know how to describe it.  I feel guilty and sad and angry all at once.  I miss her so much.

Cameron took it pretty hard.  Olivia doesn't understand.  We all cried together.  We were with my boyfriend, Chris, and his daughters when I told them and they all cried too.  I know that my children are already in a stage of grief over the loss of our "family" because of the divorce, and now they are going to have to grieve the loss of their friend.

Then there is Fischer.  He lost his friend too.  I really figured, because he was older, he would be the first to go.  Now he is missing his "sister".  

She was a sweet little pup.  Rest in peace my little stinky face.


The Hancocks - #s 15 and 16

A few weeks ago, on May 8th, Chris and I went hiking.  Neither one of us had been hiking since October and we had planned this hike for a couple of weeks.  The forecast said rain showers, but we really had to hike. When we woke up to rain we did not hesitate.  Okay, maybe we hesitated a little.  But the point is, we still went hiking.  It probably was not one of my best decisions.

It was about 50 degrees when we left southern NH and headed toward the Whites to hike the North and South Peaks of Hancock Mountain.  By the time we got to the Kancamagus Highway it was pouring rain and ten degrees colder.  With rain jackets and determination, we set off on our 9.8 mile hike in "rain showers".  About 20 minutes into the hike, I was drenched.

Hiking is many things for me.  It is getting outdoors no matter what the weather.  It is spending time with people I care about.  It is a chance for me to clear my head and think.  It is an accomplishment when I make it to the top, and more importantly, the bottom, safe and sound.  While the weather was not ideal, my company was, which made the day absolutely perfect.



Birthday Girl

Olivia turned 5 years old last week.  We celebrated... a lot!  On Tuesday, the day before her birthday, we went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate with them before they left for Florida.  On Wednesday she celebrated at dance class and got her present from Mommy...

A big girl bike!!

Because five is HUGE!

She likes it a lot, but she is very nervous about being so high off the ground.  This year is the year that Cameron and Olivia both learn to ride without training wheels.

This weekend we celebrated again with a laser tag party.  She requested it.  I felt badly that I could not invite all her school friends, but I think she still had fun.  Chris and his girls were there, big brother and his friend were there, and Mommy, although she couldn't have cared less about that :/.  This was my first time ever playing laser tag and I had a ton of fun.  We all did.  Plus, I won!

She's a big girl now.  Time is going by way too fast!

I love you baby girl.


Olivia Plays Tee Ball!

This year is her first year playing, but having watched Cam play for the past two years, she really knows what she is doing.

Olivia's team is called Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller and Durkin.  Yes, that is the name of her team.  A friend of mine suggested we shorten the name to "The Firm".  It's Tee ball.  Everyone hits, no one gets out, and everyone wins.  Not much to report on that!

He's Come a Long Way

Cameron has improved by leaps and bounds since playing last year.

His team this year is coached by the same coach Olivia has, which makes it very interesting when they both have games at the same time.  His team is called "FixmycomputerNH.com".  At least I don't have to look very far when I need a computer repair.  "Hey, Cam, come here so I can read your shirt!"  Cameron still loves baseball.  He remembers everything he learned last year and is learning new skills every day.  Some of his teammates have never played baseball before.  Cameron is usually the only player not fighting over the ball.  He stays in his position and waits for the ball to come near him.  It will be interesting to watch all the players progress throughout the season.

Mommy is an LNA

Well, almost anyway.

Tonight, after seven weeks of classes, three nights a week for five hours a night, I will be taking my State exam.  It is the last step before applying for my LNA license.  I hope to have a little more free time to take photos, knit and blog.  But it was a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.  The future is bright.  I have happy healthy kids, and soon I will have a job that will support us all.

I know I have said this before, but maybe this time it is for real.  I am back in the blogosphere!


44/365: A Little Love

The kids and I made these Valentines for all their teachers.  It was fun!  We did not, however, make homemade Valentines for all the kids in their class.  I am kicking myself now, because it is something we always do.  Next year I will make the effort.

43/365: Funny Girl

Olivia and I were taking photos with my phone when I was supposed to be watching Cam play basketball.  Alas, though, I spend most of my time entertaining her because...well... she is 4 and has the attention span of a gnat!  On this particular day we played a lot of "baby bear".  She was the baby and I was the Mama.  I really had to stretch my imagination for that role.  I kept telling her that it was time for baby bear's nap, but she wasn't buying it.  We played about 100 rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe and then I had to resort to an electronic device.  No games, just photos.  She started off all cute and sweet and then I asked for one more.  I had the camera set so we could see the photo as we took it.  She had this cute smile, and then just as I snapped the photo, her face went crazy!  I almost peed from laughing so hard.  I love this kid!!

42/365: I Am Not Proud

I am not a very observant person.  This is not a trait that I am proud of.  A new restaurant could go up in my back yard and I would not notice for months.  I have walked by this rock dozens of times since moving to the park, and never once noticed that there was a plaque on it.  Never mind actually reading it and knowing that Abraham Lincoln's son stood there and read the "Declaration of Independence" on July 4, 1860.  Now, I think that is pretty cool.  I should learn to open my eyes a little more.