The Hancocks - #s 15 and 16

A few weeks ago, on May 8th, Chris and I went hiking.  Neither one of us had been hiking since October and we had planned this hike for a couple of weeks.  The forecast said rain showers, but we really had to hike. When we woke up to rain we did not hesitate.  Okay, maybe we hesitated a little.  But the point is, we still went hiking.  It probably was not one of my best decisions.

It was about 50 degrees when we left southern NH and headed toward the Whites to hike the North and South Peaks of Hancock Mountain.  By the time we got to the Kancamagus Highway it was pouring rain and ten degrees colder.  With rain jackets and determination, we set off on our 9.8 mile hike in "rain showers".  About 20 minutes into the hike, I was drenched.

Hiking is many things for me.  It is getting outdoors no matter what the weather.  It is spending time with people I care about.  It is a chance for me to clear my head and think.  It is an accomplishment when I make it to the top, and more importantly, the bottom, safe and sound.  While the weather was not ideal, my company was, which made the day absolutely perfect.


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  1. Wow! That's dedication and determination. What an accomplishment.


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