Day 230 - July 18th, #2 Osceola

Today I completed my second 4,000-footer and my very first solo hike.  I chose Mt. Osceola for its moderate difficulty and beautiful view, even below tree line.  My solo hiking adventure, as with all new undertakings, was met with a little apprehension.  I wasn't sure if I would enjoy hiking by myself, but it was absolutely wonderful to spend that time in the woods by myself.  I am clumsy by nature, but I only fell twice and only hurt myself once.  Not bad for a first solo hike. 

I met a gentleman coming down the trail as I was going up.  In the five minutes we stood in the trail chatting I felt like I knew everything about him.  There are so many friendly people on the trails which is another reason hiking is so attractive to me.  This gentleman was visiting from NY in a desperate attempt to complete his last 18 4,000-footers.  He was planning to complete 14 in the next five days.  Amazing!  Someday, that will be me.


  1. wow. what a feat! i wish that there was something like that in our area. we have trails and such, but nothing so grand. what a beautiful sight! your shot is gorgeous. it could be a nike ad or something. the slogan "we take you to the top"

    you should be proud of yourself bird! for your physical accomplishment and your photography one!


  2. LOVE this photo! I think it's one of my fav's of yours ever! And I love that you're doing this for yourself...good for you. Glad to see that you are feeling better and back on track once again. And I'm so glad to hear from you again...thanks for your sweet note. ((Hugs)) to you friend.

  3. I am so excited for you. I have only taken down a few (and some alone) but it is so rewarding when you get to that view at the top.

    If you every need any advice, my husband would love to help... he only has 10 more to go before he completes them all.

  4. Beautiful! The post, the picture.. love this, Amanda!


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