Day 231 - July 19th, Great Island Common

What a beautiful little park nestled on the island of New Castle.  I true treasure that I never knew about!  You do have to pay to park, but I discovered that if you smile and tell the attendant that you didn't bring any cash, he will let you in for free ;)  It probably helped that we didn't show up until after 4 p.m. too.  I brought my DSLR but forgot to bring my memory card.  I was bummed, because the place is gorgeous and there were so many wonderful photo opportunities.  I snapped a couple photos of the kids with my camera phone, but I will definitely go back at sunrise or sunset just to take some photos.  I will even pay to park!!

We stopped at Philbrick's Fresh Market in Portsmouth for some picnic munchies.  The place is pretty great.  Reminds me a lot of the Concord Cooperative Market, but bigger and a little less expensive.  The kids picked out a "treat" and we grabbed a bunch of healthy snacks and we were on our way to the makings of a wonderful picnic.  And it was... wonderful!


  1. Ah, that sounds like a great way to end the day! Love the camera phone shots too!!

  2. We have our family reunion at Great Island Common every year...it's a great place! Love the combo of green grass, sand, rocky jetty for fishing, playground, AND outdoor shower!


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