Caution: This Project May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Mental health aside (because we all know the 365 project can make even the sanest individual go a little bonkers) the 365 project almost cost me my foot.  I'm serious!

The other day, I was at the computer uploading photos.  I was supposed to be feeding the dogs, letting them out and taking a shower so I could get back over to my parents house and get the kids, but I was just going on the computer for a minute.  Ha ha ha ha!  A minute turned into 40 minutes!  I really have no idea where the time goes when I am on this computer!

My computer has been running a little slow lately.  I'm supposed to be backing up photos so I can get them off the hard drive, but again, it is something I keep putting aside until later.  So, my computer is slow.  When the minute turned into 10 minutes, I felt my foot start to go numb.  I guess I thought I would only be another minute, because I just ignored it.  When I finally got up from the chair I could not feel my toes, my foot or my leg up to my knee.  I couldn't even walk.  I looked down and my foot was gray.  Yikes!  I stood on one foot for a little while and watched as my numb foot started to get pink again.  Then the pins and needles started.  Ouch!

I'm telling you, I don't know how long you can go cutting off the blood circulation to your foot before you do damage, but I swear I was close.  365 project is hazardous to your health!


  1. Ha ha, what a funny story, although I'm sorry to hear you almost lost your foot! ;)

  2. HA! That cracks me up and sounds like something i would do!! Take care of your little piggys!

  3. You certainly speak the truth. I can sit down for a minute and look up and realize it is 2 hours later

  4. You're so funny! I hate that feeling!

  5. OMG, that made me laugh out loud!

  6. AHHHH! LOL! This is something that would happen to me. :D


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