What They Wear - joy of LOVE~Day Four

Today's assignment for willette photography's joy of LOVE series was what they wear.  I had a house full of people today, so I had a plethora of photo opportunities.  For those of you who thought my darling hubby would oblige and put on his blues for me to snap a photo, you would be wrong.  Apparently he would be teased at work if he allowed me to do this.  Sorry, HFD, maybe next time ;)
1.  Baby Cameron wears Air Jordans  2.  Olivia wears her Jesse boots  3.  Olivia adds the hat to the ensemble.  Notice she is sans tights sporting the minidress.  This girl's got style!  4.  Hubby always with a hoodie  5.  Baby Cameron in the plaid.  He dresses better than the hubs (and me, for that matter!)

Join the fun!  Tomorrow is "Love to Hate".  Goodness, so many things to choose from, ha ha! 


  1. Love the collage idea for this assignment, and my kids both dress way better than I do!

  2. The collage rocks! I love how you numbered and labeled the pictures too. Great idea!

  3. This collage is great, and I'm a bit fan of those red Jessie boots!


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