Day 252 - August 9th, Wanakee Day 3

Leaf and bark boats.  It was supposed to be a simple little craft, but got a little more intense than I had imagined it.  The plan was to make a simple little boat with a piece of bark, a stick and a leaf.  Somewhere in the search for our items, the simplicity of the task was lost.  But, the kids and the parents had a blast making their boats, which was the point, so who cares, right?  We all wrote thank you notes to God and then walked to inspiration point to set sail.  They all sank, with the exception of the one that Ross made which was the most simple boat of them all.  

Some of the kids were very sad about their boats sinking.  I ha d a feeling that would happen, but that is why the parents made an "extra" boat for them to take home. 

Ross's boat next to Tim's yacht which sank in a blink of an eye ;)

We took the group on a small hike to Lemon Squeeze.  I took shots of each one of the parents coming up after going through the squeeze (except for Tim, not sure why :( ).  

Later that day, before campfire, we played a really cool trust game.  I am a fan of these types of activities!  In this activity a parent/child pair took turns leading the other blindfolded through an obstacle course.  Cameron led me through and I have to say that there were a couple of times where I was unsure if I should jump, but he did not lead me wrong.  I believe that trust is the foundation to a strong relationship.  Cameron and I built our trust.  I could feel it and it was fantastic.  Parent/child, husband/wife, friendships and God - without trust there is no relationship.

Rain that night spoiled our campfire.  Thankfully we were staying in the Rec Hall which comes complete with a fireplace.  We cooked pizzas and S'mores over the fire and Tim lead us in song.  It was our last night together at camp.  I know I was feeling a little sad, but joyous too.  I had watched these five little kids grow right before my eyes.  I saw them come out of their shells and form bonds with each other and with their parent/grandparent.  I knew that Wanakee was now a special place for them just as it was for me as a little girl.

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