Day 253 - August 10th, Wanakee Day 4

My You and Me campers left on Wednesday morning and my Happy Feet campers arrived that afternoon before dinner.  Ross and I had a short break before our last three fun-filled days of camp!  The night they arrived we had a huge thunder storm.  I'm talking bolts of lightening and loud cracks of thunder right over our heads.  We didn't make it to our cabin before we were all soaking wet!  With twelve kids between 5 and 8 years old, Ross and I decided we would just tell them it was bedtime.

The next day we rowed the kids to Monkey Island.  I only took this one photo as I was stung by a bee in my upper inner thigh and just did not feel like doing anything but a jig!  It was a challenge for me to act like everything was cool in front of the kids when I really just wanted to pull down my shorts because it felt like there was a bee inside of them!  Then I had to row six kids back to shore.  The wind was blowing pretty hard at that point and kept turning my boat around.  I struggled, but made it back safely!

This is the only other photo I took that day.  I found it difficult to direct a camp of 12 young children, be a co-counselor and take photos at the same time.  Being the counselor usually always won out!

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