Day 251 - August 8th, Wanakee Day 2

Day two for You and Me and we were all ready for an adventure!  Cameron woke up by 6 a.m. and the first thing on his mind were these Moon Walkers.  They were a big hit with all the kids and super fun to watch.  I especially loved when they fell down and couldn't get back up, ha ha ha!  Is that mean?
The first year I directed You and Me I was not very prepared.  I had never directed a camp before and never been a camper for You and Me.  My last Wanakee experience had been 20 years prior as a camper for Christian Adventure.  This year I was a little more prepared with one year under my belt.  I scheduled a full day of activities including crafts, swimming and a canoe trip to Monkey Island.  The trip to Monkey Island involved one canoe tipping over.  I thank God that Tim Hickey was my camper because my co-counselor Ross was the one in the water.  I would not have known what to do.  I know now.  It was quite the adventure.  I also thank God that Tim convinced me not to take my camera to Monkey Island.  Thanks Tim :)

Games are a huge part of camp life.  Whenever we had a little time between activities, we always played games.  One of the kids favorites is "What Time is it Mr. Fox?"  You'll have to Google it because I am not going to explain it!  Sorry.

My returning campers, Tim and Nicholas, with Cameron.  Cam and Nicholas are buds and I hope that they will be able to reconnect outside of camp.  Tim and I are buds too! :)

One of our activities to pass some time included a walk out to Inspiration Point.  Ayla and Nicholas both remembered Mike singing "Pizza Man" last year, so they asked Ross to lead us in song.  It is an awesome "repeat after me" song that requires lots of movement as you can see by these photos.

Wanakee has a mandatory rest hour which is lovely for the parents of these You and Me campers.  I love the sound of Wanakee during the day at rest hour.  It is so quiet and peaceful, interrupted every so often by a loud group of campers followed by the shush of a counselor.  Makes me very, very happy!

After rest hour we had swim and then our camp photo.  Note to self:  to avoid complaints from the adult You and Me campers, do not schedule a photo after swim!

Ross showing off his mad basketball skills.  What you cannot see here is that the hoop was actually lower than his head, ha ha!

Clown and Mime was a camp going on this same week.  Our Evening Watch was a "Clown Worship".  The kids got to see how a regular person becomes a clown.  They were so excited to be sharing camp with a group of clowns

I love Wanakee!  I love every single thing about it.  I love the wake up bell, the hopper bell, the meal bell, the sugar and carbs for breakfast, the walk to the waterfront, the campers, the staff, the worship, the campfires, the songs, all of the friendships you can see and feel being made and feeling a connection to God.  My heart has been smiling more since this week at Wanakee!

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  1. So glad to hear it's going so well! It looks like a blast!


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