Day 250 - August 7th, Wanakee Week Day 1

The next seven posts will be about my awesome week at Wanakee United Methodist Center.  I was a volunteer Director of two of the camps during week 7.  For the past two years it is my favorite week of the summer!

Day one began on Saturday evening.  Just enough time to learn names, eat dinner and put the kiddos to bed.  The first half of my week was a camp called "You and Me".  A parent/caretaker and a child get to spend a few days bonding together, getting to know each other and growing in their faith together.  I directed this camp the previous year and had so much fun I said yes to directing it again.  I had two returning camper pairs and two new pairs, and I brought Cameron as my "you".  

Cameron arrived earlier than all the others so we had some special time bonding together.  During that time a bear walked over to the Farmhouse.  I didn't get a photo because I didn't have my camera handy.  A couple of the other volunteer directors got nervous and emptied their backpacks of all of their midnight snacks.  Cameron scored a bag of M&Ms, and so began the week of sugar toxicity from which he had to be detoxed when we went home.

The bear did not return.

Cam was so excited when it started raining because he got to wear his cool new rain coat.  I love that rain draws kids outdoors just as much as the sunshine!  

My staff counselor for the week, Ross!  I would not have survived the week without him to help me through.  I am so happy to call him my friend.  We had no idea what to expect for the week, and it was all better than I expected.

Besides making name tags, playing name games is the first thing every camper at Wanakee does on their first day.  Last year I had 10 pairs of You and Me campers.  With only four this year, it was very very easy to remember everyone's names.  The kids were adorable trying to remember names, but by the end of the three days they were all best buds.

We also enjoyed a game of Butt Ball (don't ask) and Freeze Tag.

My returning campers catching up before dinner. 

An uneventful and pretty easy first day at camp.  You and Me is different than any other camp because the parents are there to help with behavior guidance if needed.  We sleep in the rec hall instead of on the hill in the cabins.  After the little campers went to sleep, the big campers and myself spent some time getting to know each other around the fireplace.  I hope none of them plan on running for President one day, because I know some stuff! ;)

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  1. Looks like a great way to spend the remaining days of summer!


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