Day 249 - August 6th, Three Peaks

Before I left for Wanakee, I went on the most awesome hike with my two dear friends, Lorienne and Lee.  We hiked Little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette.  Three peaks, two of which were 4,000-footers.  Little Haystack is technically above 4,000 feet, but it does not drop in elevation enough between peaks to be considered a 4,000-footer.  In case you were wondering? ;)

We went up Falling Waters Trail.  There were some beautiful waterfalls along the way.  I didn't want to hold the girls up from hiking, so I didn't spend any time taking photos.  I plan to return by myself, only to take photos.  I will bring my tripod!

Lorienne might have been getting quite tired of me taking photos of her, but she had the white and red and it just made for a great shot!  Plus, this cool bug landed on her during lunch.  Of course I just took a photo of it instead of getting it off of her.  I am such a nice friend :)

We met this group of nutty guys on our way up to Little Haystack.  They were on their way down talking very loudly.  They brought us into the conversation somehow and stopped to chat.  They asked where we were from and after hearing "NH" one replied, "You disguise it well, I would never have guessed."  They did not have to tell us they were from Massachusetts!

My favorite thing about hiking is the people you meet.  People are so friendly when they are out in the fresh air.  We ended up at each peak with these two guys who were taking photos with Nikons and I was pretty excited!  When I asked Rich to take a picture with my camera I was pretty psyched when he knew how to use it in manual mode.  It is the first time someone besides me has taken a photo and knew how to use my camera.

And finally, the classic hiking book with mountains in the distance shot.


  1. Looks like a fantastic hiking adventure! I sure do miss getting out on the mountains and roughing it!

  2. Very cool. I look forward to the pictures you take when you return (not that these are good, but I can only imagine how gorgeous of photos you can get).


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