Day 209 - June 27th, Fire Tower

We moved to a town park. Yes, we live inside a public park. It definitely has its cons, but the pros totally outweigh them. I won't list all of the pros right now. As the summer goes on, they will be revealed, but here is one: the Fire Tower. Right behind our house there are hiking/mountain biking trails. The first trail leads to the top of Stratham Hill and a fire tower. We climb to the top almost every morning and it is so much fun! 

Livvy has always been chatty, but now that she is 4 she knows everything about everything and says it with such conviction that I almost find myself believing her. "Mommy, did you know that turtles climb stairs and sneak into kids bedrooms and eat their pillows? It's true!"

Well, not really, but it goes with my theme. Olivia talks a lot and sometimes it is hard to listen to everything she says, but Cam is a good sport!

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