Day 210 - June 28th, Super Hero Sleepover

On Monday my friend, Lee, and her two kids came over for a day of fun and a sleepover.  It was a nice distraction from the craziness that is my life right now.

I love that when my kids play super heroes their super powers are throwing healthy food at each other. Broccoli Boy and Tomato Girl have a lot of fun together. They shared the game with their friend, Casey, who was Orange Guy. They spent the morning after their sleepover "spraying" each other with fake super power food! 

Tomato Girl has got spunk!


  1. Glad to see that you're all moved in and somewhat settled. I hit a wall a week or two after we got moved in and even though all the boxes were unpacked, I couldn't do anything more other than just try to get caught up on all that I'd neglected, so I so feel for you right now. Today I'm going to try to organize the office, but here I sit playing on the computer again. Can't wait to see and hear more about where you live....how cool! In the middle of a park? How did you happen across that and are you the only one or is there a community in there of others? So many questions!

  2. how fun for them,

    B often has to play the part of my "lens boy". He gets to carry and help me change out my lenses when we're out and about.


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