Days 205-208 - June 23 through June 26, Almost Caught Up!

Day 205 - June 23
I Dislike Painting

Painting is never fun, but when I paint I make it more difficult than it should be. I wanted the kids to have an awesome room to move to. They have to share a room, so I painted half of the room green and half purple/pink. Then, in the middle (it is a very long room) I did this funky half-and-half with stripes down the middle and added some decorative stickers. This is the "playroom" section of their room. Someday, when we are all unpacked, I will take a picture of the whole room! Someday I will also tell you the story of when I stepped in a full gallon of green paint and proceeded to spill the whole thing on the rug.  Good times.

Day 206 - June 24
Falling Behind

I have really fallen behind in the editing and uploading part of my project. There have been a few nights where I have almost forgotten to take a photo. This was one of them. So, here is where I have been spending much of my computer time. I love picnik.com!

Day 207 - June 25

It's a new dice game that my Mom got for Cameron. We love it!

Day 208 - June 26
I'm A Target Team Member

And I love it!! Target is a great company to work for.  I have been training for the past two weeks and there isn't anything that I don't like.  Last night, I was in a rush leaving the house and didn't have time to pack a meal.  The store manager made me pancakes!  Chocolate chip pancakes to boot!


  1. Painting is a pain but it looks great. I heart Target!

  2. Wow, I can't believe you got chocolate chip pancakes! How great, hope all is going well with the moving-in phase.


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