Day 152 - Evening at the Lake

Sunday evening my husband and I took our pizza and the kids to Weirs Beach for a little evening of sand and water play.  No bathing suits.  We just assumed the kids would sit in the sand and play.  We were wrong!  First, my 365 photo.  Olivia adores her brother.  She is always wanting to hug and kiss him.  He is very kind to appease her every so often.  This was one of those tender moments.

Once Cameron got his shoes and socks off, it was all over for his dry clothes.  He just kept going further in and splashing a little more!

We are looking forward to many more beach days, we just don't know if they will be lake beach days or ocean beach days.  Either is fine with me :)


  1. Aww, they are so sweet together and I love the feeling of movement and joy in your second photo of C running into the water.

  2. Aww! That first one is so sweet. And that 2nd one is exactly what my boys would have been doing too.


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