Day 151 - Opening Day 2011

Saturday was opening day parade and ceremony for Laconia Little League.  Some of the younger players wore their cleats to walk.  I wouldn't let Cameron because I thought he would be more comfortable in his sneakers.  He was not pleased because he loves his new cleats.  The players who are in their 6th or 7th year of Little League would agree with me though.  All of them had their comfy sneakers on.  I took this photo during the Opening Day ceremony:

Now that's what I call comfort!  I'll call this my 365 photo today, but let me show you some of my son, because that is why I went :)

OK, so my kid is not in this shot, but you get the idea of the parade.  I wish I had gone to the top of the parking garage and got a shot of the length of the parade.  It's pretty impressive!

Cameron started out in left field.  He has already improved from his one season of Tee-Ball.  He knows that even if he is not fielding the ball he should be backing up third base or backing up the infield play.  He is catching on!

This is one of Cameron's four coaches.  They are all fantastic and doing a wonderful job instructing the kids through every part of the game.  I am impressed with their kindness and patience.  Olivia took this photo, by the way.  The girl has got talent!  Time for her own DSLR?

Cameron got to be catcher.  As he was coming off the field I asked him to stop so I could take a photo.  The coach laughed and said, "He's in there somewhere!"  Do they make this equipment any smaller?

Olivia was thoroughly entertained and entertaining during the game.  I am saving those photos for tomorrow.


  1. These are too cute! He looks well protected!!

  2. look how tiny he does look in all that gear! reminds me of the charmin commericial where then mom wrapped her kid up in tp before he played football! too cute!

  3. Too cute! Love that last one. Joshua played catcher a few times last year and looked the same-lost in all that gear.


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