Day 153 - Over and Over

I wanted this shot to be my 365.  It is a planned shot.  Completely set up.  Little Cameron and Big Cameron spent about 30 minutes kicking the ball over and over again until I got what I wanted.  At one point I asked Big Cameron, "Can you do that for me one more time?"  He replied, "I really like doing this, Mama.  I'll do it a million more times if you want!"  Awww, what a sweet boy.

I had the boys set the ball in front of me.  I used manual focus on the ball and told them when to start running.  I had my shutter release set to high so I could take multiple shots with one press.  I got a lot of shots that I like, but this one is my favorite.


  1. I LOVE this shot. Now I wish I'd thought of doing something like it when Randi was playing soccer.

  2. Love this! Great action shot!

  3. What a sweet boy! Such a cute shot, whether it was planned or not, it came out great!!


    I love Cameron's response to you - so sweet:)

  5. Great action shot!! Love it!


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