365 - Brass

Day 4

Tonight I assisted the video team at my church.  The Carter Mountain Brass Band played their Christmas concert.  The concert was amazing. I had goosebumps during a lot of the songs and it made me miss playing in a band/orchestra.  I really am motivated to start practicing my trumpet and bassoon now.  I did join the Bell Choir, which is a baby step to something bigger!  

I took all the photos during intermission and, while none of them are perfect, I could not choose just one.  I like the french horns, but I would like it better with some lights in the background.  The cake was served to everyone at intermission.  My mom made a cake, and it's a funny story, but a story for another day.  I like the poinsettias with the grand in the background.

The next time the Carter Mountain Brass Band plays a concert near you, get a ticket!  It was wonderful!  I really enjoyed being a part of the video team, we are pretty awesome ;)

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