365 - Oh Tannenbaum

Day 5

Today we went to a tree farm in Alton, NH and cut down our Christmas tree.  It was pretty cold today.  I still have not knit myself a pair of mittens, so I was the only one in the family with freezing hands.  Toward the end Cameron let me wear his mittens, which I thought was very sweet.  Cameron and Olivia both helped cut down our tree and my parents tree.  They had a really fun time and I am happy to report that my husband was not as picky about the tree this year as he has been in the past.  This is the photo I selected for my Project 365, but there will be more to come in another post.


  1. What on earth is Cameron doing under there??!! :)

  2. Ha ha! He's cutting down the tree! I thought it was hilarious :)


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