Answered Prayer

I lost my phone a week ago.  At first it didn't really bother me because I'm not really attached to my cell phone.  After a couple days, though, I started to feel anxious about it.  Some of you may know that my brother Wit is deployed.  Most of you do not know that I am the point of contact for the National Guard if anything were to happen to him over there.  So, after a few days without my phone I started to be very concerned.  I was not really worried that something would happen to him (although we all do worry about that sometimes).  I was worried he would call and I would miss his call.

I cannot afford a new phone.  I need to wait until my plan allows an upgrade.  A friend let me use his old phone and this morning my husband finally activated it to my phone number.  In church today the pastor prayed for people who are having surgery, people who are having hard times whatever they may be.  She prayed that they would be comforted.  I prayed for my brother.  On Thanksgiving Day he went out on a mission so I had been worried and concerned and thinking of him.  I prayed that he would return to his base safely and I would hear from him soon.  I prayed that he had not tried to call while my phone was missing.

Two hours later my brother called me!  The Lord is good.  My brother is back at his base safe and sound and the Lord anwered my prayer.  My brother told me that he had not tried to call before then and that is more than a coincidence, it is a small miracle.  My eyes are more open now to God's miracles than they have been as of late.  Please continue to pray for my brother's safety and for the safety of all our men and women serving overseas.

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  1. So glad to hear he is doing ok! I'll continue to pray for him and your family.


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