365 - After Dinner Antics

Day 6

I have yet to meet another family with the schedule that we crazy Sevins have.  We have dinner as early as 5 p.m. because I like to get the kids into bed no later than 6:30.  After dinner the kids get a chance to play before winding down for bed.  Tonight they asked me to build them a fort.  Forts in our house can occupy my kids for an hour or more before an injury or fighting occurs.

Tonight Cameron asked if I could make my "famous" fort.  This always makes me nervous because I am afraid I am not going to remember what "famous" fort he is speaking of.  Tonight I guessed correctly!  The fort has tunnels the kids crawl through with blankets on the top.  I am suddenly reminded of a recent "Community" episode that made me laugh hysterically.  Cameron and Olivia made up a game where they place a small object on top of the blankets and one person inside the fort, "the puncher" tries to punch the object up to the person outside the fort, "the spyer" (not a real word, I know, but from the mouths of babes).

Inevitably the fort ends up crashing down and then the water game begins.  Each cushion or pillow is a different sea creature and they have to make their way around them without getting eaten.  Just an example of the types of sea creatures they picked tonight:  a gulper eel, an angler fish, a basking shark, an octopus and a wobbegong.  When I was their age we played "shark" and it was just a shark that we were watching out for, not a wobbegong!  Cameron really likes books about the ocean and apparently they are not over his head.

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