365 - The Slippers

Day 29

The whole family is excited about Olivia's interest and enthusiasm for dance.  I held off on buying anything besides her shoes because I was nervous she would lose interest.  I could not have been more wrong!  She gets more excited about dance every week.  My mom gave her a new pair of tights, two long sleeve leotards and a ballet skirt.  I just bought the yarn to make her ballet sweater.  There is nothing cuter for me right now than my little girl in her ballet clothes and hand knit leg warmers.  Can't wait to finish the sweater!  Oh, and I think I may try putting her hair in a bun...

What does that have to do with my 365 post today?  Well, Olivia's ornament from my Mom this year was this adorable pair of toe shoes. I just had to take a photo and share it here:


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