A Very Merry Christmas, Part Deux

The day after Christmas we got together with Damien's family at his parents house.  Cameron and Olivia were very excited to spend time with their cousins.  Cousin friendship is so awesome!

Patiently waiting for the next gift.  Paw Paw had a system that could not be broken or interfered with.  All of the kids did a great job waiting.  And we all know that waiting is the hardest part!

The Jesse boots!  Olivia was so excited when she saw these (and she has not gone a day since without wearing them).
And then came the rest of the ensemble.  She was thrilled!  Beyond thrilled!  I just love this series of photos as she realizes what she has just uncovered.

Cameron was just as thrilled.  When he realized what was under the paper (How to Train Your Dragon's "Toothless and Hiccup") he started to hyperventilate.  It was so funny!  Every time he was super excited about his gift he would stand up and hold it over his head like he was holding the Superbowl trophy.

This picture of Cole just cracks me right up!  He takes off the wrapping paper and holds up the box and says, "Hey, Mom, it's a box!"  I thought it was so funny because we do that all the time in our house.  Too cute!

Olivia just could not wait to dress up in her Jesse costume.  Thank you Grammy and Paw Paw.  She just loves it!  She also got a princess crown and light up shoes that she spends a lot of time in.  Thank you Kelly, Brendan, Cole and Charlotte!

After gift opening, the kids got to spend a lot of time playing together.  Olivia and Charlotte really got a kick out of Grammy's vibrating pillow. 

It's always a fantastic time at the Sevin Family Christmas Party!

Still trying to catch up, so stay tuned for a Snow Much Fun post tomorrow.  Merry 5th Day of Christmas everyone!

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