365 - Six!

Day 31

My baby boy turned six today!  There is not a whole lot I can say about Cameron that has not already been posted here.  He's energetic, sweet, kind, loving, and generous.  He loves his Mama, and loves to push my buttons.  He has gotten quite good at it, actually :)

Of course I remember the day he was born.  It was our best New Year's Eve party ever!  I also remember a family member telling me the next day about his birthday being so close to Christmas, "He's going to get screwed on his birthday."  I laugh every time I think about that comment.  What a silly thing to say about a newborn baby, first of all, and second, I don't think Cameron has ever felt "screwed" because of his birthday.  Quite the contrary actually.  His birthday is celebrated too many times to count.  He celebrates before Christmas at school, he celebrates on his actual birthday, we celebrate out in NY sometime after Christmas, and then we have a kids birthday party for him two weeks after his birthday.  I think he's pretty lucky.  Not to mention, there is always a party on his birthday.  (He'll appreciate that when he is older).  If the meaning of "screwed" is that he won't get a ton of presents, I guess this is true.  But this would happen if his birthday is in June too as we feel the celebration is more important than the stuff!

Today we celebrated Cameron's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's.  Cameron had so much fun, as did Olivia and the adults in company.  We ate pizza, played games, rode on rides, opened presents and won a lot of tickets so we could pick out some junk from behind the counter.  Wicked cool junk!

Happy Birthday Cam-a-lam-a-ding-dong!  We love you and we are so proud of you!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy birthday to Cameron...and happy "birth" day to you Amanda!!! Glad he had a fun day! I don't think he'll ever feel "screwed" either! The whole world celebrates his birthday!


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