Also Known as "Damey"

This is my husband Damien.  He's super!  When Cameron's best friend Mia was first learning how to talk she could not say "Damien" and shortened his name to "Damey".  It stuck.  My friend Kim and I call him "Damey" all the time.  I'm not sure he likes it, but he doesn't complain.  That's how super he is!  I'm pretty lucky to have found such a fantastic guy.

Here he is throwing a snowball at me today. He thinks it's hilarious, but what he doesn't realize is that I was not going to stop taking photos to see where the snowball was headed.

Then he realizes that it is about to hit me.  I'm so happy I did not stop taking pictures.  This face is so classic!  Believe me when I say, he is not worried about hitting me, he is frightened that he will hit my camera and I will get really mad.  Ha ha!  Oh Damey, I love you!

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