365 - Love to Read

Day 17

Cameron has a love for learning.  He got his report card last week and that is exactly what it said, among other wonderful things ;)  I have known this for quite some time.  He has a very curious mind.  We read books that I feel like should be over his head, but the information he retains is amazing! 

I love unpacking Cameron's back pack every day and finding the neat little things he has made.  This morning we unpacked his "Numbers and Shapes" book.  The number word is written at the top of each page.  On each page it has a sentence, "I see four squares" and Cameron drew four squares and wrote the number 4.  There is a separate page for each number up to ten.

Olivia is very interested in Cameron's Kindergarten lessons.  So much so that I find them in situations like this all the time.  Cameron is actually teaching her numbers and letters.  It's fun to listen to, because he doesn't just tell her, he asks her to count, he pauses and has her tell him the shape.  It's so cute!  Olivia may be ready for Kindergarten now, ha ha!

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