365 - Canine

Day 16

Tonight it was time for a doggie photo shoot.  Yes, I Heart Faces just had a dog photo challenge, and I tried that day, but the dogs just wouldn't cooperate.  Tonight the house was quiet, and it was just me and my pups.  Once again, there is more than one photo, but you will have to agree, they are just too cute for one.

Fischer is twelve years old, but I feel like he still looks like a puppy.  Fischer is from a broken home.  I got him with my first husband.  (Yes, my blog friends, I was married once before).  I do not have permission from my first husband (or from Damien for that matter) to tell you all the details, but I can say, while it may not have ended well, my ex-husband and I are on friendly terms thanks to Facebook!  I got Fischer in the divorce and he was my baby for a long time before my human babies were born.  He is a gracious sharer of my love, but he does snuggle me any little chance he gets.

He got a little bored and thirsty during the photo shoot, so while he was drinking water from the tree I took photos of the other canine in our house.

Sydney was purchased from the same place I got Fischer after Damien and I started dating.  She is 10 years old.  If you are good at math, you can figure out that my first marriage was very short!  Sydney is a good dog.  She barks a lot less than Fischer, but her one flaw is eating "tootsie rolls" she finds on the lawn.  Gross!

 We have a love-hate relationship with them most days.  Fischer barks a lot and it gets rather annoying with all the other noises going on in the house.  They both have been peeing on the floor as of late, but I think it's because they are old.  And don't even get me started on Fischer's teeth!  But we love them.  Olivia adores them and snuggles them all the time.  She loves to feed them and take them out and pretend to be their Mommy.  Damien could leave them, but he deals...

So here they are, the canines of the Sevin family. 


  1. ah! I never realized how old they were! I guess they have been around "forever"...

  2. Oh my goodness! These are the greatest pet portraits. So sweet, I just love old dogs. Great job Amanda. Merry Christmas!

  3. Look at all that bokeh! Pretty!

    Love the one of Fischer yawning.


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