Hats for Winter

After I finished my sweater, I quickly cast on for Cameron's new winter hat.  For his hat I used Malabrigo yarn which I ordered from Kaleidescope Yarns in Vermont.  If you have never used this yarn, belive me when I say it is the softest yarn I have ever knit with.  My little Cam has very sensitive skin so this yarn is perfect for him.  I chose to knit a three-color striped hat in Coco, Cinnabar and Rhodesian this year and I love the way it turned out!  The pattern is my old stand-by from Knitting Pure and Simple in a rolled edge.

There was a time when a simple hat took me a good couple of weeks to finish.  This hat only took me two days!  My darling husband remarked to me the other day, "I really thought when you started knitting it would just be a passing phase.  I didn't think you would stick with it."  I don't think he knows me very well!  When I take up a task, no matter what it is, I conquer it!  With knitting, I just fell in love.

As soon as Cam's hat was finished I immediately cast on for Olivia's hat.  For her hat I used a self-striping yarn from Noro in pinks and purples.  This hat only took me one day!  I used the same pattern only with a ribbed edge.  The KPS pattern is great because it gives three slightly different styles and if you change up your yarn selections you come out with a huge variety of hats! 

Now on the needles:  Cameron's matching mittens.  Stay tuned!

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