FO - February Lady Sweater!!!!


Two days ago I finally did it.  I bound off the last stitch of my February Lady Sweater.  This sweater was over a year in the making.  If you are a reader of my blog you may remember the day I had to rip out the whole body of the sweater because I made it two sizes too large.  After that sad day I was determined to finish the sweater in time for winter and I did it!  I am very happy with the end result.  You might see a lot of this sweater this winter because I am in love with it!

You also may have noticed there are not a whole lot of photos of me on this blog.  I am the camera person in the family.  My husband just isn't into it, which is fine, but makes it seem like I don't exist in family photo albums.  When I asked him to photograph me in my sweater for the blog he was happy to do it.  The kids thought it was so strange that I was having my picture taken.  They kept running over to get in the picture.  It took some time to get the first photo, but we had a fun 30-minute photo shoot.


  1. I love it! Congrats on finishing such a big project! I can't wait to see it in real life!

  2. Gorgeous! Both the sweater and you of course!

  3. The sweater is beautiful! Nice work!! And its fun to see pictures of you on the blog. :)


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