Keene Pumpkin Festival - 2010

Every year for the past five years, with the exception of last year, we have visited the Keene Pumpkin Festival with my parents and the children, born or yet-to-be born.  For a trip down memory lane see my 2006 and 2008 posts.  Apparently I had something better to do than blog about it in 2007.

Upon arrival, the kids placed their pumpkins on the shelf pictured in this first photo.  While doing so, these two nice young ladies came up to them oohing and ahhing over their obvious adorableness and asked if they could have their photo taken with them.  Olivia can be seen here looking puzzled at one of the girls, but it really was a very sweet moment. 

Cameron found a pumpkin with a robot carved into it, which he and Olivia both thought was pretty awesome!

I really have no idea what Olivia sees in this next shot, but she was pretty excited to see it.

Maybe she saw all of these people.  Their costumes were the best of the day.  Of course, they go every year, with the same costumes, so they couldn't be any less than spectacular.

My favorite.  The Cowardly Lion.  He played the part very well.

Olivia and Cameron both found their favorite pumpkin.  The tiniest one there!  They both found it while the other was not looking and I thought it was pretty cool that they both liked the same exact one the best.  I mean, this happens a lot, but usually because Olivia sees Cameron like something and she just has to like it too.  Not this time!

"Mommy, take a picture of me with the kitty!"

Cameron loves soup.  Any kind of soup.  It's pretty great and has opened our dinner options up to a whole new realm of possibilities.  Plus, I never worry about what he will order when we go to fairs or restauraunts.  Here he is pretending that the soup is really hot.  It was not.  He's a pretty believable actor!

Olivia with her favorite pumpkin... again!

After both kids chose very healthy lunch options I rewarded them each with their own cotton candy.  Now, I am the mom who takes them to fairs and amusement parks and says no every single time they ask for cotton candy or any other high fructose corn syrup-esque food product.  The glee they expressed when I said yes.  Actually, it went something like this:

Cameron: "Mommy, can we have cotton candy?" in tone that said he already knew the answer would be "No."

Mommy: "Actually, because you chose and ate healthy food, yes."

Cameron:  "Aww, Mom... wait!  Did you say yes?"

Mommy:  "Yes.  And you can each have your own."

Cameron:  "What?!?!?!  Olivia!  Did you hear that?  We each can have our own cotton candy."

It really is the little things in life, isn't it?

But, we probably should have bought the cotton candy before the family photo session.  If you zoom in, you will see they are covered in orange stickiness.

Yup, there it is!  The money shot!

The sugar rush kicks in pretty quickly with these kids.  Cameron is pretending to be a zombie in a graveyard.  Don't know where he gets that from... Damien!

I am so glad Olivia shared hers with Cameron!  

Ugh...  All I can do now is let go and enjoy them enjoying their cotton candy.

Now that is one happy little girl!  Here's to letting go and a wonderful day at the ?last? Keene Pumpkin Festival.


  1. Hey Amanda! Great pictures as usual. We have always wanted to go to the Keene Pumpkin Festival but have yet to go. Maybe next year!

  2. I love your photos from Keene!! We always talk about going, but it's kind of a hike for us. I keep saying Maybe next year, but I heard a rumor that this is that last year... have you heard that?

    Anyway, I love your cotton candy story, and the strangers wanting photos with your cute kids, that's so sweet & funny:-)


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