Me and My Lists

I like to make lists.  I've talked about this before on my blog, but I found the most fantastic website for list- cravers like myself.  It's called DayZero Project.  It is a fantastic website idea that lets you make a list of 101 tasks you would like to complete.  As soon as you start entering the tasks a 1001-day countdown begins.  101 tasks in 1001 days.  It seems very manageable and you get to check things off the list as you complete them.  I'm pretty good at making lists, but sometimes I lack the follow-through.  I think that I neglect to give myself a deadline, and even if I do, there is nothing holding me to that deadline.

If I write the list down on a website and announce it on my blog then everyone knows what I need to complete and maybe I'll stick to the deadline.  (OK, maybe not everyone, but a few people who actually read my blog).  I'm not sure if you can access my DayZero list directly from the website, so if you are really interested I have created a new page on my blog called "101 in 1001" at the top right.

Well, I only have 998 days to complete my list, so while the babies are napping I better get cracking!  One of my list items is to blog about myself at least once a week, and I think this counts, but stay-tuned.  You may find out things you never knew about me!

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  1. What a fantastic list Amanda! I share a lot of what is on your list.

    Hey- did you know you can purchase LightRoom and Photoshop (separately) for about $100 each, if you are a teacher? They have 99% of the same things as the prof version of each. I think I might purchase Lightroom in the near future with the help of one of my teacher friends! :)

    Good luck!!


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