Have I mentioned that our lives are a little chaotic right now?  So, what do you do when most of your furniture has been moved and all your dishes are packed away?  Mostly I just try to remember to breathe, but also this:

Play board games in the bathroom while the Mama takes a much needed shower.

Sit on the floor to watch Curious George.

Eat our morning cereal out
of mixing bowls.

Doing all we can to stay positive!


  1. We have quite a bit of chaosa around here too lately! We thought we were buying a house but now I don't think we are, we contemplated moving but we want to live on a farm... are you moving? where are you moving to?
    good luck with everything!
    keep calm and carry on :)

  2. You know what though? I bet for Cam and Olivia this is one big adventure.... playing games-awesome!...eating cereal out of big bowls-cool!...having an empty house to run around in!- so much fun! That's all they will remember about this experience.
    If you have time- go get yourself a pedicure and relax! You deserve it!!

  3. The end is near...don't forget to ask for help if you need it...take a few moments when your stressed to remember the good memories at your house and say goodbye...and then be excited about all the new possiblities with the new one! Life is like that...when one door closes--another opens.

  4. I had no idea you were moving. To where and when did you do this?? Moving can be so bittersweet. Knowing you, I'm sure you have more than enough memories captured in picture of your old home to never forget your babies growing up there!! Congratulations!


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