Happy Days Are Here Again

If I had to sum up my life at this moment in only one word it would be "chaotic".  There are a lot of major things happening in our lives all at once.  Much like a "perfect storm".  My coping mechanism, to avoid ripping out my hair or curling into the fetal position and crying in a corner, is to focus on all the happy, joyous and beautiful things among the chaos.

"Happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again, let us sing a song of cheer again, happy days are here again!"  (Do you know that song?  I remember it from 2nd grade music class!)

The weather has been so beautiful these past few days.  I love New England weather.  I love every single season.  I do have my favorites, but there is no season that I do not like.  I enjoy every season for what it is.  While winters may be cold and sometimes harsh, without them my children would not be able to try skiing, or sledding or skating or (insert other outdoor winter sport here.)  Not to mention how much winter makes us really appreciate when the sun comes out and warms our faces!

The sunshine has been great for taking photos, both inside and out.  I just love natural light.

When the sun is shining outside it is also shining inside!

Olivia making her mark on my windows.

Olivia loves dressing up... in everything all at once!
I just love this photo of sweet Jackson!  
He was actually very happy, just pretending to be
grumpy for the camera.  Ha ha!

This kid's smile and laughter
can light up a whole room.
We don't need sunshine when he's around!

This kid too :)

Such a sweet photo of my sweetie!

Swinging makes these kids so happy.
Makes me a little queasy, but happy too :)


Olivia's first time down a slide since the leg break incident!
She didn't even hesitate.  That's my girl!

Ahhhhh!  Sunshine and happy days.  Soak it in everyone,
and when the chaos that is life starts to overwhelm you, 
pause and remember the joy and beauty that surrounds you! 


  1. the light is captured so perfectly! I love it...stay positive!

  2. ooooo, I love the photo of Olivia looking at the camera at the park. the lighting is very angelic!! I, too, love natural light. just provides such wonderful pictures.

    Thought i would pass on a compliment to brighten your day...Cole and Charlotte both wore the hats you made them for Christmas to school today...they got so many compliments and "where did you get those?" :)

  3. Awww, thanks Kelly. That did brighten my day :)

  4. beautiful photos Amanda, i especially love the one of Olivia. it looks like you really captured their personalities!


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