Happy St. Patrick's Day

We moved!  I haven't had an internet connection for over a week now.  It is so nice to be back!  I have a lot of catching up to do, but I will start with the most recent first.

Cameron's pre-school was invaded by a leprechaun again this year.  He leaves trails of gold dust everywhere and the kids have such a great time finding his hiding spot every morning.  On Tuesday, when I was picking Cameron up from school, he said, "Mommy, did you see the leprechaun?  Tomorrow we are going to make a trap and catch him!"  Cam only goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so imagine his disappointment when I told him he would not be in school on St. Patrick's Day?  Ugh!  But, I did tell him that a leprechaun would probably come to our house.  His teacher chimed in and said that there are lots of leprechauns, so she wouldn't be surprised.

I had every intention of sneaking to the store to find some gold glitter and a little leprechaun, and was looking forward to sharing Cam's excitement, except when Cameron got home and explained to Olivia the scenario, she did not share the excitement.  She cried.  Big, giant crocodile tears.  She didn't want a little man to come into her house!  (I guess I don't really blame her on that one.)  So, I had to explain to Cameron that the leprechaun was told not to scare little girls, so he couldn't come to our house.  Boo!  Maybe next year?

I did dress my kids in green and baby Cameron came dressed in green too.  Look how cute!

Our new house is starting to feel like home.  We are slowly unpacking, hanging pictures and settling back into our routine.  It feels good.  We have a nice yard, and can actually look out the kitchen window at a 3-par golf course.  I will take photos of everything soon and post them, but right now it is still a little unsettled.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, we did enjoy a little bit of our new yard and deck.  The kids ran and ran and ran for close to an hour.  I ran too, and we tackled each other, looked at the trees and sky and counted the cars that went by.  We soaked in some much needed vitamin D and wore ourselves out having too much fun!

I cannot believe that my baby boy looks like this...

Really, I cannot believe it!  I know he has grown along side me, but most of the time I look at him and still see him as my baby.  But then I shake my head and look again, and he is all grown up.  He says things like, "Actually, Mama," and I think, "Did he really just say that?"  Well, I can't stop him from growing, I guess I'll have to just roll with it, so I signed him up for Kindergarten today.  Don't worry, I told G.E.S. what a genius he is, just so they are prepared!

Look at Olivia with that tongue hanging out.  She just cracks me up!  She was trying so hard to keep up with her brother.  She would run really fast for a few seconds and then just slow down to a crawl, in her own little world.  Then we paused for a little brother-sister lovin'!  

Stay tuned for more, but first I need to unpack some more boxes!


  1. Man, those guys are ALWAYS good fer puttin a smile on yer face!

  2. What a fantastic picture of Cameron and Olivia!! Glad to see everyone is doing so well!!

  3. That last picture is absolutely adorable, nice catch!


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