When Olivia was born, my Mom gave her her very first Olivia The Pig book.  I swear, she was not named after the pig, but she certainly does live up to the silliness of that cute little swine!  We adore the Olivia books in our house.  That pig is such a riot, and so is our darling Olivia.

So, when we read that Olivia would be making an appearance at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire, we knew we had to find the time to make the trip.  We told our Olivia that her favorite pig would be at the museum, but I do not think she was fully prepared for what she saw!

While we waited for Olivia to arrive, our Olivia demonstrated her coloring skills.

Finally, Olivia arrives.  I couldn't get a photo
of my Olivia's face, as she was sitting on my lap,
but believe me when I say she was awestruck!  

After a reading of the original "Olivia" book, Olivia the pig went into the hall
for a meet and greet.  We hung back.  The crowd was huge and the parents 
were actually pushing through the crowd to be the first ones in line.  And we 
wonder why our children are so impatient??  Anyway, while we waited for the line 
to go down, Olivia made a pig nose.  She loves it!

We could not leave the room before she finished
her coloring.

OK, now it is perfect!

Finally!  The two Olivias meet for the first time.

Oh, and Cameron came with us too!

This is his favorite part of the museum.  
Making butt imprints is so cool!

We had a fun day!  My parents bought a pass,
so we will be going back again when Clifford is there!


  1. She look so sweet! I wish we had known, we would have absolutely been there to meet Olivia (and you!) as well. My girls love the CHildren Museum.

  2. Michele! We should meet there sometime. Maybe when Clifford comes next month? :)

  3. aww Rowan's gonna be jealous!!! We've had everyone of her bday parties there, I love that museum!

  4. Looks like a great place! We've never been but will definitely look into going sometime soon! Olivia is just so sweet! (Your Olivia, I mean!)


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