On Saturday we met two of Cameron and Olivia's favorite cousins at the SEE Science Museum in Manchester.  Cameron has been dying to see the dinosaur exhibit, so when Kelly mentioned it I immediately said, "Yes, absolutely!" or something to that effect.

While we waited for everyone to arrive
we admired the beautiful, restored
staircase in the building.  Those stairs were steep!

And the kids made me laugh.  They are so funny!

Cameron and Cole enjoyed simulating 
a moon walk.  I loved their faces when they
first start to feel pressure under their chins.
Look how happy they are!

Olivia and Charlotte really liked the pulleys.

And each other!

The dinosaur exhibit was fun!  The exhibit
was animatronic dinosaurs, not dinosaur bones.
Cameron absolutely loved it, and was not
disappointed at all.  Especially when Uncle Brendan
tried to feed him to the T-Rex.

A kid tank.  Love it!

I had to leave for work, but I hear the kids all had a blast for the rest of the day.  They went back to Aunt Kelly and Uncle Brendan's for some grilling and more fun.  Cameron had so much fun that he was sick on the way home.  Play till you puke, I say!


  1. Had I only known?! Of course I shouldn't have doubted you!

  2. What?! He puked? Oh no!! He gave no indication he was sick at all! Poor darling! Hope that was it and it wasn't a 24 hour thing?

    Had such a blast with you all!

    I planned on posting some pics from the "after party" later tonight! Fell asleep putting kids to bed last night!

  3. Wow! I love the SEE museum! Once in Girl Scouts we slept over there...I was the only one still light enough to do the moon walk...it was so cool! Great pics!

  4. Kelly, he didn't actually throw up, but I got a text from Damien at 6:30 that they were on the side of the road for 20 minutes and he was REALLY pale and didn't feel well. Never turned into anything!

    Kim, I remember you telling me about that! When I was in Girl Scouts we slept at the Boston Museum of Science, I have no idea why we traveled so far. We slept in the birth/baby room.


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