Dancing Queen

Olivia loves to dance.  While all the other kids that I watch are sleeping, 
Olivia and I spend some time working on our dance moves.
Her favorite songs right now include, Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, 
Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia!, Hot Dog! by They Might be Giants,
and Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.

She has some pretty incredible moves!  I have no idea where she gets
them from ;)  I have been trying out some of her moves on Saturday
nights when I go out dancing with my fabulous friends/co-workers.  
The bottom left photo of the above set of pictures is the move we call 
"The Heisman", and below is the "Oops, I did it again!"

She really gets into it!  I love my new camera!  I feel like
I can actually capture the energy in my photos.

I love the tongue in these photos.  She just cracks me up!

We paused quite a bit to give Sydney some love and affection.
Olivia adores both of her dogs, but she and Sydney have a
very special bond!

This is how Olivia and I spend our "rest time" lately.  Not so much
resting, but a whole lot of exercise and fun!  Keep on dancing, baby girl.


  1. awesome pictures amanda! sadie loves party in the usa too... she calls it the "hands up song". it id so much fun! your dog is cute and your new house looks bright and beautiful inside.
    have a good weekend!

  2. Love love love the pictures...and dancing....I've been busting out to lady Gaga in my kitchen lately....

  3. Amanda,
    She gets those dance moves from the Sevin side of the family. I love it............ the tongue too.

  4. I'm going to go ahead and say that Olivia is way cuter than when Brendan and Ethan bust a move. :)

    I love the one of her jumping!! Great photos....

    The pics of the house look nice...looks like you have a ton of natural light which I love!!

  5. Super cute! Love those dance moves!!

  6. Very cute! Looks like you have been having loads of fun lately, despite the craziness of your move! Your new place looks happy and bright :)


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