Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas is such a magical time of year.  I remember feeling the magic as a child.  I remember going to bed and having such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.  The magic started to fade as I entered high school, but it never went away.  All it needed was a spark to ignite that magical feeling again.  The spark for me is my children.  Seeing the magic through them is a different, more wonderful feeling than I could ever imagine.  I'm so happy this magic is back!

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with all of our family.  We started a new tradition this year of enjoying our Christmas feast on Christmas Eve at my parents new apartment (house) in Gilford.  Having to work on Christmas, we had to adjust things just a little bit.  Do not feel bad for me having to work, it actually was not that bad.

Olivia in one of her Christmas dresses!

Olivia loves snow globes, but then again, who doesn't?

My nieces, Ashley and Meaghan drove to NH from Pennsylvania with Meaghan's boyfriend Cody.  My brother Wit came for Christmas Eve with his dog, Jake.  It was a house full of people and I absolutely loved it!  Cameron and Olivia had a blast getting to know their cousins again.  Cody settled right in and blended well with our family.  Jake was in his own way, a lot.

I just love this one of Ashley and Olivia.

Ashley and Olivia really struck a close bond in the very short time Ashley visited.  Ashley is the only one who was allowed to sign Olivia's cast on Christmas.  In fact, Ashley pretty much did everything for Olivia that day.  I think the rest of us enjoyed the break.
Everyone at the dinner table (except me, of course!)

After a delicious meal, and while I finished a last-minute Christmas knit, Cameron baked cookies for Santa.  Two years ago he declared that chocolate-chip cookies are Santa's favorite, so that is what we make every year.  Uncle Wit and Ashley helped, but as you can see by the flour-covered shirt, Cameron did all the hard work!

Snowman pajama time!  Our very special tradition.

A new tradition this year, and for years to come, is opening a gift on Christmas Eve.  One of the four gifts the children receive is a handmade item of warmth.  This is their Christmas Eve gift, the gift of warmth.  I made each of them a flannel pillow and matching rice warmers.  The absolutely love them.  We warmed them up before bed that night and every night since.


Cameron and Cody throwing pillows before bed.

Reindeer food! 

And the evening ends by putting out the cookies and milk for Santa, reading "The Night Before Christmas" and falling fast, fast asleep.  


  1. So cute! I just love how magical Christmas is again as well! The rice warmers really are a great idea...

    ...and I love your sweater in the last couple pics! I have the same one in purple and white! :)

  2. It really sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Eve! I too love how the magic has come alive since having children, it's so wonderful!


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