Favorite Photo Friday

December 17, 2006
Isaac, my Aunt Carlene, Cameron (almost 2), my Dad, and Avery

Every year this week, my cousin's grandmother, Chickie, and my Aunt Carlene, host a Christmas party for that side of the family.  While my family is not technically part of that family, we are always invited.  They have the most wonderful food and the absolute best and funniest Yankee Swap in the history of Yankee Swaps.  I do not usually participate, but I always watch.  This family really gets into their Yankee Swap!

This year I was planning to participate.  The party is Saturday.  Damien and I have plans (more on that later!) My kids will be at the party with my parents.  My Uncle Randy will fill them up with chocolate and candy and stuff some in all of their pockets for me to find later, this I can count on!

Anyway, I love this photo, and the memories of this awesome "family" get-together!

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