No TV November - Day 9 of 30

Today we enjoyed another gorgeous day in New England!  It really felt like we skipped Winter and went right into Spring.  The kids and I had a wonderful play date with a group of Moms and kids from the area.  The kids helped me bake some really healthy cookies before we went.  When I say healthy, I really mean it.  And they tasted delicious and were gone in 60 seconds!  Flax meal, spelt flour, sunflower seeds, raisins, cinnamon, baking powder, maple syrup and vanilla.  No sugar, just the all natural maple syrup.  I enjoyed them!

After lunch and rest time we went to the playground.  There were so many other people there enjoying the day.  It felt wonderful to be outside without our coats on.  The kids kept screaming, "Mommy, it's summer!"  When we got back we could not bear to go inside.  Our neighbors kindly let us use their yard to play in.  (Our back yard is filled with poo :( )

My kids were exhausted.  They have been refusing to nap.  They rest, but they won't sleep.  So we had dinner at 4:30, bath at 5:00, PJs at 5:30 and they were asleep by 6.  I know, it's way too early.  I think that if I had been away from them all day I would totally feel guilty about it, but having spent the entire day playing with them, it didn't feel as bad.  I swear, if I had let them stay up one minute longer I think they would have spontaneously combusted!  How come they don't understand that they need to nap?

I do have a confession.  I turned on the TV today.  Not for the kids, but for myself.  I know, it's shameful!  It happened at 2 a.m.  I awoke and could not turn my mind off to fall back to sleep.  So I watched a DVR episode of "Flash Forward".  What an excellent show!  It won't happen again, though! :)  Well, not until December anyway!

Hope you all had a marvelous day!

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  1. Flash Forward is a great show!! Although I always have to watch a comedy after it's done....and the main character's husky voice bothers me. I always want to shout at him, "Hey, speak up!!" :)

    Asleep by 6? Awesome! No guilt there! Sounds like a fun-filled wonderful day!


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