No TV November - Day 10 of 30

Another glorious, but unusually warm, November day in New England!  I could get used to this, but of course, I won't.  I'm sure there is a freezing cold spell right around the corner.

Olivia and I walked with Little Cameron and Maria to the natural food store to do a little grocery shopping.  Maria's Mommy met us there.  Olivia ate her yogurt covered pretzels on the way home.  For the rest of the morning she played outside with her Daddy while he hung all of our Christmas lights.  I cannot believe I even typed that!  It doesn't seem like it is almost Christmas, but it is.  Oh, I have so much to do (make).

Tonight was our monthly S.O.S (Save Our Sanity) dinner with our lovely group of friends.  The theme was comfort foods.  Oh, comfort foods are so delicious and I am sooooo full!  The kids had a wonderful time playing together.  Thank you to the Blackwelders for hosting tonight.

The kids have adjusted so well to not watching any TV.  I am certainly a very proud Mama.  We do read Curious George books, which I think they like better.  I like them better.  George isn't as curious in the books as he is on TV!

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!

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