No TV November - Day 11 of 30

My Dancing Queen.  Our day started at dance class.  Cameron got to come with us and Ms. Kathy asked him to join in.  He did.  Olivia loved having her brother there.  My face hurt at the end of the hour from smiling so much.


After dance class we headed over to my friend Amy's house to play with her kids.  Our children are almost exactly the same age.  Cameron and Sydney hit it off really well.  Cameron was certainly showing off in front of his new friend.  Olivia and Gavin played babies together.  It was so cute.

After our nap we wanted to go visit Damien at the Fire Station.  On the way there I called to be sure that it was ok.  When the phone picked up all I could hear were sirens.  I took that as a signal that my hubby was out saving someone's life, so we headed back home.  It put a wrench in our dinner plans, but we made do.  The kids helped me make pasta with homemade lemony-garlic basil pesto and a Caesar Salad.

Here they are setting the table.  They love when I give them grown up tasks to do!

They were so proud of the dinner they made!  They wanted me to take a photo to show Daddy.

When Olivia really likes something she is eating she decides she needs to take her shirt off.  I think she knows she will make a big mess.  She kept saying "I love salad, Mumma!"

Tubby time!

Olivia made the funniest face, and I just happened to catch it with my camera.  My kids always want to see the photos after I take them.  When Cameron saw this one he thought it was hilarious!

Then, not to be outdone, Cameron wanted to make scary faces.

Then he asked Olivia to make another scary face, and this is what she came out with:

Her real scary faces just happen.  When she tries she ends up looking sweeter than ever!

Another successful day with the TV off.  What did you do today?


  1. What a great day! Love the pics

  2. The pictures of Olivia in her tutu are too cute! What an adorable little ballerina. :)


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