No TV November - Day 12 of 30

Is this getting redundant?  I feel like it is.  12 days down, only 18 more to go.  18 more blog titles that start with "No TV November".  Ugh!  I'm so not feeling it today.

We didn't watch TV today.  We went to story time at the library, and then Damien and I took Olivia, Beastie and Little Cameron to buy ourselves a new trash can.  Yes!  Another new trash can!  The previous, previous one was disgusting, the previous one broke and now we bit the bullet and bought one of those fancy stainless steel ones.  I like it.  It should be our last garbage can purchase for a few years.

I worked tonight and I'm tired.  Damien is watching "Glee" and I sooooooo badly want to watch it, but I won't.  I'll go to bed instead.

I apologize for the boring and redundant blog posts.  I really need to make them more interesting, but I don't feel like it :)

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  1. Sometimes we all just have "those" days, don't we?! :)


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