No TV November - Day 8 of 30

What a glorious day for shutting the TV off and going outside, don't you think?  My children and I spent the entire day outdoors, except for meals and not-so-much napping time.  The sun shone bright on our faces all day, and it must have warmed all of our hearts because I was able to capture the most perfect moment: 

Sometimes the best Christmas card photo is the one that you don't plan.  For the second year in a row my children have been in front of our house just playing and I just happened to catch them at the exact right moment.  No fuss over what clothes they are wearing, what they are holding in their hands, their hair or the scenery.  All you have here are two kids who adore each other as we were heading out to the grocery store.  Perfect and absolute bliss!

Our mornings have been so much easier now that the TV is turned off.  If Curious George happened to be on and I wanted to try to get the kids dressed we had to wait until the show was over.  Then, when the show was over Cameron would beg me for one more show.  Now, because the TV never goes on, I bring down his clothes and he just starts getting dressed himself.  It's absolutely amazing!  We are all dressed and ready by 6:30.  A whole hour before other children start showing up.  It pleases me.

After the grocery store we spent some time shopping at the Tanger Outlet Center.  The kids really enjoy shopping with me.  Olivia really needed some girly outfits and I needed some retail therapy.  Cameron and Olivia both took turns on the robotic horse ride.  I never put money in, but today I splurged because my kids are worth it :)

After nap time and afternoon snack (homemade hummus, crackers and cheese) we headed out to Imagination Station.  This is the kids' absolute favorite playground.  I think it is wonderful myself.  It is a little scary for me when I'm by myself because I actually lose sight of the kids for short periods of time.  Today, though, there were lots of other parents there and they were kind enough to help me keep an eye on my kids.

Olivia is growling at me, I think.

The angel I know is inside her.

Cameron pauses just for a moment so I can take a photo.

She rocks these things so hard I think she might break them.

  Those Gilford kids are pretty lucky that this is their school playground!


My children are sound asleep.  I finished my book and I don't have another one waiting in the wings.  I guess I will get some knitting done while I wait for Damien to get home from the Patriots game. 


  1. That first pic of Cameron and Olivia is FANTASTIC!!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Expect it soon in your mailbox :) My Mom gave them those "treasure" boxes the other day and they don't leave home without them! Olivia usually puts her snack in it, so I have to be sure to check it every once in a while! Have a wonderful week!


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