Hand made costumes, lots of friends, good food, yummy candy and unseasonably warm weather all made for a great Halloween this year!  On Friday my parents and I took the kids to the outlets for some trick-or-treating.  Beastie joined us and his father met us there.  The costumes we saw were great.  Some really frightening people out there!  But these kids were just adorable:

Cameron really played the role of Knight very well.  He was chivalrous and handsome and brave.  Olivia growled and breathed fire on people.  Beastie was a terrific Zebra and avoided being eaten by lions or hyenas.   It was a bit tricky for Cameron to hold his sword, shield and pumpkin.  In the end he gave up the sword for the candy collecting pumpkin bucket.

Olivia rode on Grampa's shoulders quite a bit.  It's OK.  She could breathe fire and collect candy just fine from there!

I really have no idea what Cameron was looking at in this photo, but he captures the mood of the night.  Exciting and fun!!  Here's to new traditions!

The next day we met Grammy and Paw Paw at the Tilton Diner for lunch.  The kids got their pumpkins of treats and posed for photos with the ghouls outside the restaurant.  Olivia loves hands.  Real or fake.  Whenever we go to a store where there are mannequins she goes around and gives them all "five".  It's pretty funny.  She decided she wanted to hold this ghoul's hand.

We spent Halloween night at our dear friends' The Blackwelders.  We trick-or-treated in their neighborhood and then went back to the house for potions and food.  Here is my little dragon and knight from behind getting candy from an alien: 

Let the Holiday Season commence!  Bring on the snow!  I'm totally ready for it :)


  1. Great pics! Love that the zebra costume made an appearance again! It is one of my favorite ones that your mom has made!

  2. Cute costumes! Cameron looks super excited in his.

  3. Nice post. Love all the pics!


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